Ardevaz SLS

Terms of Sales

1. Scope

This Regulation is valid for language course training at Ardevaz-SLS School.

2. Admission Requirements

Language courses are open to all interested and motivated individuals, both women and men, who meet the following admission requirements:

  • Be at least 16 years old (except for Junior courses)
  • Be motivated and interested in the chosen language
  • Be ready to study within a group
  • Submit a written application

3. Application Interview

Admission to the course is confirmed only if the individual meets the admission requirements.

4. Payment Terms

The registration fee is CHF 200.- It covers the analysis and evaluation of your application as well as the application interview. Whether your application is accepted or not, these fees are non-refundable.

The course fee is calculated at CHF 18.- per class hour for levels A1, A2, and B1, and CHF 25.- per class hour for levels B2 and C1.

5. Cancellation Fees

Non-payment of the course fee is not considered as a cancellation.

6. Course Agreement

The following conditions must be met to attend the course.

6.1. Absences (illness and/or accidents)

Absences due to illness, accidents, and special events must be reported on the same day, before the start of the class.

6.2. Assessment of Acquired Knowledge

The knowledge acquired during the course is assessed through summative evaluations. Evaluations are considered successful if the candidate meets the “sufficient” criterion.