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Exciting adventures and cultural immersion.

Visit of the old town of Sion, activities at Ardevaz SLS may 2018


Engage, Explore and Enjoy

Experience the vibrant activities at Ardevaz Language School in Sion. Immerse yourself in the rich Swiss culture through sightseeing tours, wine tastings, and engaging events. From exciting Expat Club meetings to delightful trips, there’s something for everyone. Join our language school and be part of our dynamic community while enhancing your language skills. Explore a wide range of activities and make learning in Switzerland a truly memorable experience.

March 2024, Raclette Party

13th October 2023, Sion city tour with a beginner class

12th October 2023, Raclette Party

June 2023, School Party

March 2023, Raclette Day

September 2022, Visits and Wine Tasting

August 2022, Expat Club Meeting

May 2022, Raclette Party

February 2022, Turkish night

November 2021, Escape room and Swiss cheese fondue

October 2021, Swiss evening and cultural outing

April 2019, Visit of the Valere museum and aperitif at the castle

February 2019, Discovery of the local terroir and wine tasting

June 2018, Summer BBQ at school

May 2018, Visit of the old town of Sion