French language classes launched: from Beginner to Advanced levels

Starting from August 21st, a thrilling range of French language classes has begun, catering to learners at various proficiency levels.

Therefore the language school is introducing a fresh academic season with abundant chances for those keen to explore this exquisite language. Regardless of your experience and knowledge, you’re sure to find a course that suits your needs. 

You can assess your knowledge level through an online test on our website.

Additionally, feel free to contact us for help in choosing a course that aligns perfectly with your needs and expertise.

The chalkboard with the "Learn French" text on it.

Beginner A1: The first step into French

For those new to learning the french language, the Beginner level A1 course is the perfect starting point.

Beginning on August 21st, French language classes offer a comprehensive foundation in language essentials: the alphabet, numbers, colors, and greetings. Equally important, these classes include common conversational expressions and even short dialogues designed for practicing spoken skills.

Intermediate B1: In-depth learning and expansion

Designed for those with a basic grasp of French, the Intermediate Level B1 course stands out as a great option. Starting on August 28th, the Intermediate French language classes delve deeper into complex grammar, using the language in diverse contexts.

Consequently, by the course’s end, you’ll engage in free-flowing conversations, grasp texts on diverse subjects and even write simple letters.

The building of the Ardevaz Language School in Switzerland.

Advanced B2: Enhancement and deeper understanding

Our Advanced French language classes cater to individuals possessing a solid language foundation and seeking to further refine their skills. This course starts on August 28th and will undoubtedly empower you to excel in personal, academic, and professional endeavors.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to become part of the captivating world of the french language. No matter your skill level, these language courses have something engaging and valuable to offer.

In fact, learning the French language is an investment that brings an array of personal, cultural, and career benefits. Enroll a course today and embark on an exciting journey of mastering the French language!

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